The path of motherhood has a beginning but no end. It’s constantly changing and constantly challenging. Along the way, we encounter our personal limits over and over. We fall in love over and over. We ride the sharp edge of hope and fear. On this path of discovery, as on any spiritual path, our pretensions are shattered, our minds are blown, and our hearts are opened. We cry, we laugh, we bumble around and make countless mistakes. Through it all, we are gently—or abruptly—poked into greater honesty, loving-kindness, and understanding. It is a truly joyful path.
— Susan Piver

Picking up the camera and catching those pieces of life that you want to hold onto forever has always been second nature for me. I love getting behind the lens and preserving those tender, love-filled moments between one another to cherish forever.

As I’ve become a mother, those moments that pass all too quickly have become even more sacred and valuable to me. I want to capture the everyday silliness with your children, the sweet freshness of your newborn, the loving embrace of your spouse, every tiny feature and quirk that you’ve fallen in love with.

These days it’s so easy for us to use our phones to photograph anything and everything but then we miss out on getting in the frame with them and one day our children will look back and those images of how we lovingly watched them play in the yard or the way we held them in our arms won’t be there for them to cherish. So let’s make sure we don’t let that happen, okay?

Beautiful Images by KT Crabb Photography

Beautiful Images by KT Crabb Photography